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Be it from amateur artists, illustrators, concept artists, or long-dead masters, every Tuesday, The Fantasy Herald showcases the best fantasy art from around the web.

Michael Komarck is a prolific and talented illustrator who has produced art for many books, trading cards, and even board games. Most of his work is inspired by fantasy, but he also has a number of science fiction titles under his belt.

I first came across Komarck as the artist who created the new cover art for the e-book version of Knife of Dreams, book 11 from The Wheel of Time series. Googling his name brought me to his website, and a plethora of beautiful pieces of fantasy artwork.

Knife of Dreams

Every single piece has a strong atmosphere about it. Komarck uses light and shadow to great effect, and makes even the most fantastic of beasts and magic look alive and real. His depictions of people are almost photographic, enhancing the sense that these places and events exist and have actually taken place.

Dungeons & Dragons: Elder Evils

You can see samples of Michael Komarck’s vibrant fantasy and sci-fi art here, or by clicking any of the images in this post.

The Killing Song


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